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Litter     E/F

born April 21st

            Fiji ,  male              reserved for Sumaiya P

  Fiona  ,  female

reserved for Mary B.

   Elsa  ,  female

reserved for Chassity F.

      Falcao   ,  male

reserved for Krystale J

         Fifi    ,  male

reserved for Kristin H.

Litter    G

           Elvis  , male

   reserved for Sandy Ch.

born  May 6th

 Gigi , female seal point

       reserved for Leanna

Gigs , male seal mitted

     reserved for Mike

Grace , femaleblue mitted

     reserved for Irene

 Gray , male seal mitted

       reserved for Viv

Gizmo , male seal mitted

  reserved for Emilka

Gisele , female seal bicolor

     reserved for Missy

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